Geofencing is a new technology that allows businesses to target customers — identified by their unique handset or cellphone ID — in their local area with pinpoint accuracy. It uses location tracking information provided by global positioning systems or radio frequency identification to present your ads to customers when they are close to your business.

Think of it as a customizable version of geotargeting. When you use geotargeting, you’re sending your ads, emails, etc. to people whose primary location is in a predetermined, predefined geographical location like a city. Geofencing works similarly, but you can customize the geographical areas in which you would like to target consumers. Once these areas have been set, customers will receive ads for your dealership in the apps they’re using.

Essentially, you are setting up a virtual fence. This fence can be hyperlocal — targeting a stretch of roads where your competitors are located and accurate down to 10 meters — or more general — encompassing entire city blocks. These boundaries can be changed depending on what works for your dealership, or even what works for it during different times of the day. This elasticity allows us to fine-tune your marketing strategy to get the most meaningful exposure for your dealership. understands the hurdles you face as a dealership trying to create a marketing plan. With geofencing we can reach out to potential customers and encourage immediate action and results in ways we never could before.

Gaining New Customers

Most people looking to buy a car are already aware of the different brands available. The trick is getting your dealership recognized on a wider scale. When a smartphone user is in a geofence boundary that you’ve set up, they will receive a targeted ad in the apps they are using, informing them of your nearby dealership and its great deals.

Because dealerships are so expansive and often located along busier roads, targeting just the area directly around your dealership isn’t enough. People need to be on their phones and in the market for a car for this immediate-results tactic to work. can strategize the best places for your geofences, and even surround a competitor’s dealership, allowing you to target people already shopping for a car and steal their sale with a better deal.

Our geofencing strategy also uses remarketing to keep the handset ID that your ads have been served to and save it for later. This allows us to display your ads after potential customers have passed out of the geofence at a time when they may be more likely to make a decision.

Saving the handset ID also lets track the movements of your audience. Foot Traffic Attribution (FTA) allows us to see which individuals have seen your in-app ads and physically visited your dealership afterward.

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Your dealership has the potential to benefit immensely from geofencing. Let set up a tailor-made marketing system for your dealership using this new technology. Contact us today for free analysis.